Birth Stones by Birth


The symbol of this sign is activity – initiative, ambition or creativity. Arians always rise from the lowest to the highest form – from red to white.
Gems: All red stones, like garnet, ruby, red jasper


The symbols of this sign are love and wisdom. Taurus are closely attuned to products of the earth. They need to transform the love of personal to that of selfless service.
Gems: All yellow stones like topaz, citrine, amber


This is the sign of duality. It symbolizes life and death, joy and sorrow, health and sickness, abundance and poverty.
Gems: All purple stones, like amethyst or fluorite


This symbolizes love and life. The magic power of love is the message and quest of this sign.
Gems: All green stones – emerald, jade, peridot, agate, green jasper


This is the sign of wisdom and activity. Divinity and humility are keynotes for meditation for the native of this sign.
Gems: All gold and orange stones – amber, orange jasper, carnelian, fire opal, topaz


This sign symbolizes reason transformed into wisdom. Knowledge and understanding produce wisdom.
Gems: Amethyst and fluorite


It symbolizes the balance that must be weighed with the deeds of the year. It symbolizes the unfolding of love leading to unity.
Gem: Yellow stones – topaz, amber, citrine


This is one of the most powerful signs. Its force being dual in aspect, it moves from the lowest depths to the greatest heights. It purifies the animal nature and lifts forces to a higher plane of expression.
Gems: Red and clear crimson stones – ruby, garnet, coral, red jasper, bloodstone 



This sign symbolizes high idealism and noble aspirations. Its highest expression is a spiritualized mind.
Gems: Blue Stones – Sapphire, lapis-lazuli, blue topaz, sodalite


This sign denotes the mystery of the darkest night and the glory of the light. This sign symbolizes the crossing of the bridge of darkness before reaching the radiation of the great white light. The goal for a Capricorn is to conquer one’s ego.
Gems: Black and white stones – black tourmaline, jet, moonstone, opal, pearl


This sign symbolizes promotion of communication and group work. The goal of an Aquarian is to achieve oneness of the whole, or wholeness of the one.
Gems: Clear blue stones – blue topaz, lapis-lazuli, sapphire


This sign symbolizes selfless service, the ideal way to achieve success. It denotes the spirit struggling to rescue humanity from greed.
Gems: Soft blue and indigo stones – blue topaz, indigo sapphire, azurite