Often confused with emerald, peridot jewelry has a very beautiful greenish colour. It is originally a colourless mineral which is also known as forsterite in its initial state. However, the iron content that mixes with the mineral induces the green hue of the gemstone. It follows that the more iron content, the darker the shade of green in the gemstone. This gemstone is also regarded as the "Evening Emerald" due to its green brilliance under artificial or low light conditions and is especially beautiful at night.
Peridot Information
The peridot could be traced deep from the pages of history and in fact has been acknowledged by the term chrysolite in the Bible particularly in the book of Revelations stating that it was part of the gems that Aaron utilized in his time. Eventually, various rulers and monarchs utilized this gemstone and rumour has it that the Cleopatra's famous collection of emeralds was actually of this kind and she doted on its sparkly characteristics. There were also some cathedrals that used this as a form of ornament for the church plates.
The peridot is also regarded as Egypt's national gem and termed as "the gem of the sun". This may be due to the fact that it has a high level of birefringence meaning multiple light splitting areas giving way to its sparkling characteristic.
It has been mined for a long while in Saint John's Island or "Serpent Isle" which was once littered with poisonous snakes until the pharaohs had it killed and turned into a mining field. As of the present, the peridot could be mined from Norway, Burma, Hawaii, islands nearing the Red Sea and even in fallen meteorites.
Since it has a hardness value of 6.5 on the Moh's hardness scale, the owner should always keep in mind to take it off in cases where rough physical activity is to be done. Avoiding the gem's prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is also recommended as it may bring a degree of fading. In terms of cleaning, steam cleaners are not suitable and should be carefully wrapped in a piece of cloth in a separate storage container.
Large Peridots
The purchase of a peridot nowadays containing high carats carries a hefty price as the gem is very rare. One of the most stunning displays of this gem is available in the Smithsonian Museum.
When it comes to the everyday rat race of individuals all around the world what would be a good thing to consider what would be a good accessory to bring along which will help replenish one's vitality? A good item would be a gemstone like peridot which is said to contain lots of powerful medicinal powers.
One of the benefits of having this gemstone is the idea that it is able to bring lots of luck when it comes to love. It has also been said to be very beneficial in fighting off fever and anger. It is also regarded as a charm for driving away bad spirits and is worn on the left hand attached to a donkey.s hair. Due to its attractive and stylish nature, it is much more convenient to utilize the magnetic energy of this gemstone if worn. Its magnetic state reaches up to one foot and is said to be effective in revitalizing the person overall.

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