Rose Quartz

Coming from the vast family of the mineral quartz is the rose quartz which is probably one of the most revered and fancied for jewelry and practical use. Often thought of as a stone of love, this rose quartz jewelry makes a wonderful gift.

Rose Quartz Information

Color and Stars
The beautiful shade of pink attested from this gemstone is due to the combination of impurities that is present in the rock from which is termed as Sio2. When proportions of manganese, dumortierite and titanium blends, the warm pinkish hue of the gem stone emerges. There are some variations of this gem stone showing asterism or "star effect" which is seen if one would look at the light through the gemstone.
History and Mines
This gem stone could be traced back as early as 7000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, wherein it was known to be formed as beads. Early records of this mineral show that it was used primarily for manual activities like the process of making seals in Rome. Such gem was first discovered in Rumford, Maine and Brazil. Other places wherein traces of this mineral are available include Canada, Australia, Namibia, England, Europe and Mexico.
Affordable Jewelry
The rose quartz is more often sold in the market in the form of the cabochon cut, perfect as a design for pendants and bracelets. A delightful fact to know when it comes to acquiring this gemstone is the fact that one could enjoy having its rose like characteristics as an accessory for an affordable price. However, one should be informed that it such gem is also mistaken with the man made pink zircon which could be determined by careful observance of the chemical properties.
Since this gemstone is said to be a source of the astrological energy coming from Neptune, Mars, Venus and Moon, it presents a lot of help in a variety of situations. Rose quartz is a perfect gift for a friend who has recently experienced a deep level of sorrow in life or someone who has lost a great deal of self respect and hope. There is also an element of self worth that is given when bearing this gem stone which helps a lot in terms of strengthening personal resolve most especially in times of great distress.
More Lore
This semi precious gem stone is also a very useful tool when it comes to maintaining the serenity in the home and also in some cases, easing the discomfort of babies. In instances wherein the baby becomes restless placing a rose quartz underneath their cradle mattress. This will help ease their internal tension making way to a more comfortable sleep.
The rose quartz is also a great stimulant when it comes to renewing the flame of love between couples. It is said to be open the hearts of individuals to accept their partner's differences and helps teach the value of forgiveness. For single persons, owning this gem stone assures a degree of luck when it comes to finding that compatible partner.
In order to bring more in more balanced spiritual feeling, cleaning of this gemstone is highly recommended. This could be done by dipping it in salted water over night and have it thoroughly washed with clean water the day after. In every three months, placing it in direct sunlight for about three hours will help intensify its whitish pink glow.

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