Aventurine, often called "poor man's Emerald" is a nice affordable stone. When it has inclusions, they appear to be sparkles. Extremely high quality aventurine (free from inclusions), can seem like emerald. It is wonderful for everyday wear as it is quite durable as well as pretty.
Aventurine Information
Aventurine is a semi-precious stone that offers sparkle and beauty which is exquisite. Aventurine name is an Italian word means "a ventura" - "by chance". The word is insinuation of aventurine glass discovered in the 18th century. Its Moh's scale is of 6.5 hardness. It is derived from the semi-translucent to opaque grown glass with many small particles of chromic oxide and copper. Because of its several feldspars or quartz varieties it is streaked with particles of mica, hematite and other material, it is also known as Sunstone.
This precious stone gives a glistening effect because of many shiny minerals, and that is known as aventurescence. The stone is most commonly found in green colors, but the stone can be in orange, yellow, brown, blue or gray. The color depends on the kind of mineral is present in the stone. However, the stone can also be found in orange, blue, brown, yellow or gray.
Aventurine Folklore
It is noticed that the stones have many healing powers. The gem stone is believed to be used as a stone of inner peace. It is used to calm down a troubled mind. The color dark green itself symbolizes meditations for posterity. Astrologers suggest this stone to increase confidence and gratitude and also for promoting positive attitude and emotional tranquility.
The stone is also used for balancing the energies of males and females. The stone encourages initiative, strong ideals, stamina, and ability to assert. It develops leadership qualities and people follow you, where you lead. These are the positive moon qualities and Aventurine will support these and will assist in taking your care and concern for others. It also elevates your spiritual vibrations, the crystal works rapidly and it works well with your impatient moon as well.
For the people with sun shine as Aries, it is suggested to wear this semi precious stone to complete the unfinished work and encouraging leadership. It also assists in controlling anger and volatile situations, hence allowing you to make good decision.
Green Aventurine is used for physical healing. It is worn over the ailing part of the body. And blue aventurine is used to improve circulation of blood.
For business: people wear it in ring and some place it in cash register to enhance daily taking from the retail business.
Aventurine is the best semi precious stone for luck of all kinds; including gambling luck, it has various names, such as "gambler's stone" and "Indian Jade" and with its reputation as a lucky charmer, is very popular with gamblers.
To put it in nut shell, Aventurine promotes mind clarity and self confidence, reinforces decisiveness and intensifies leadership qualities. Aventurine helps to focus and find creative solutions when you are overwhelmed by problems.

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