Quartz has been used for thousands of years. Persians called it "billor" while in Sanskrit it is called "sphatik". Due to its high potential in terms of physical application, the Chinese utilized this gem in order to complete their bottle cutting process while the Romans use it for carving purposes. On the other hand, it was the Sumerians who were able to make further developments in using this mineral as they were able to write on it as well as engrave it as stamp for the clay images they were creating.
Quartz Information
A quartz's characteristics features an initially very transparent type of mineral in which colours range from the snow coloured hue and the more common clear type. It is mined in big or small pencil sized chunks and has a very smooth surface. Many people admire this gemstone for its magnificent display of stable refinement and elegance. This gemstone also exhibits some characteristics that are often comparable to diamond that is why some prefer to wear it, an opportunity that presents almost the same privilege of wearing good jewellery without too much the cost.
Quartz is a very abundant mineral. It is technically divided into two types: the cryptocrystalline type and the macro- crystalline type. Both types contain the same physical properties and chemical compound elements however what separates these two is the colour with which each type appears when viewed. The former which appears to be more translucent or opaque include jasper, bloodstone and agate among others. The latter, which is macro- crystalline, is more of transparent nearing translucence quality. Famous examples of this kind include the cat's eye, tiger's eye, hawk's eye, aventurine and citrine.
It is not a rare sight to see the quartz as a constant part of ritualistic activities like the shamans have hundreds of years ago. Lore has it that this gem has essential qualities in order to solidify water or melt down ice which is quite practiced in distant islands of the Pacific reaching up to New Guinea and Australia.
During the times that shamans existed, quartz played a crucial role in the healing rituals performed by these individuals such that they claim that their bodies and the minerals are interchangeable. Such mineral is also placed directly above the infected organ or inflicted area for about a few moments to allow the re balancing process and removal of possible evil spirits in the body. To replenish its spiritual energy, Cherokee shamans are said to 'feed' it with blood coming from a slain deer.
When it comes to modern gem healthcare practices, the quartz comes in very handy as they are believed to produce the necessary electro chemical balance in the overall physiology of man. When worn, such gem is also said to relieve one of sleeping problems, nervousness, and helps one to focus when it comes to retaining knowledge from the past.
Finally, in practical daily activities, this gem is said to be a charm for gardeners as well as foresters in order for them to bear more abundant produce. In case of a negative event like a grievance, placing it inside the home would help alleviate the outcome.

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