Tiger Eye Quartz

The Tiger Eye is a semi precious gemstone, usually a metamorphic rock with a yellow, honey, red and brown color, with a silky luster. The gemstone is well known for its 'Chatoyancy effect', where a thin band of light is displayed on the gemstone and changes position as the gemstone is positioned back and forth.

Tiger Eye Gemstone Information

What Causes Tiger Eye To Shimmer
The Tiger Eye gemstone is part of the quartz family. The gemstone is a classic example of pseudomorphous replacement through silica of fibrous blue mineral called crocidolite. The gemstone is formed when criocidolite crystals compact simultaneously from hot mineral fluids flowing through the rocks' tiny cracks. This then produces the 'Chatoyancy effect' the Tiger Eye gemstone is renowned for. The gemstone mostly comes from South Africa. Small quantities of the gemstone are also found in Brazil, China, Canada, USA, Burma and India.
Where Tiger Eye's Name Came From
The gemstone got its name, obviously, because it resembles the eye of a real tiger. Tiger Eye gemstone is usually used for ornamental purposes and jewelry, cut for rings, necklaces and charms. The gemstone is quite affordable yet very beautiful. It should be noted though that the gemstone can be made synthetically, mostly made from plastic and lower valued minerals. There is also a similar looking gemstone called the Tiger Iron, made from red Jasper and black Hermatite. There is a blue variant of this gemstone, appropriately called 'Hawk's eye'.
Friendship Stone
The Tiger Eye gemstone is popularly called the 'gemstone of friends' or the 'friendship stone'. If you have been given this special Friendship Stone, you should always treasure the gemstone like the friendship itself. The gemstone is a perfect symbol that your friend is out to overlook your protection at all times, and will be there for you even during the hardest of circumstances. The gemstone will provide you positive energy even on the most gloomy of days. It helps you find your way and attain your dreams. Regardless of age, sex, or beliefs, many people will benefit from the gemstone.
Historically, the gemstone has been worn for protection. It was said that the gemstone kept a constant 'eye' on the wearer. For thousands of years, the gemstone has been used for many uses, for it is believed to have many mystical and medicinal properties within it. Oftentimes, the gemstone was given to children to wear as a protectorate.
Fast tract to the 1880s, large quantities of the gemstone have been founding South African soil during the 1880s. Metaphysically, it is believed that the gemstone allows its wearer to think clearly and transform negative energy to positive energy. The gemstone is believed to attain dreams and help the wearer judge and determine the best decision and course of action. It is often cleansed before sending it to someone else, to get rid of all the negative energies.
The gemstone is cleansed by keeping it in salt water over the night to recharge its energy. After taking it out of the salt water, it should be washed in fresh water and placed under the sun for about two to three hours. The process should be repeated for three months, the least. By cleansing it, the wearers will be able to find their inner light and strength. The gemstone should be protected at all times from blows and scratches, and always be kept in a safe place when not worn or used.

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