Kunzite is one of the young gems that are discovered later than most other gemstones. It has fragile pink shade and gaining popularity in this modern times, exhibiting an eye-catching and attractive piece on the jewelry. It was defined and given full description by George Frederick Kunz of New York in 1902 after its discovery in Pala District in San Diego California. And in that time, stones that are discovered are named after their discoverer, thus the stone was named "kunzite".
Kunzite Information
The beautifulness of this gem lies on its fragile pink shades with a touch of violet and clarity. This color makes it feminine, tender and seductive. To enhance its color and see it in full detail, cutter must support and align the unprocessed stone very exactly during work, because the color result depends on the angle of observation. It may appear pink, violet or colorless. This gem also displays a strong property of pleochroism. Some kunzites have light color. Those with strong color are rare and considered valuable.
History and Mines
Kunzite is a member of spodumen group and considered as the youngest one. The crystals of prism-shaped are found in Madagascar, Afghanistan, United States of America, and Brazil. The deposits can be up to several kilograms. It belongs to the group of chain silicates where it contains small amounts of manganese that results its lilac color. But in direct sunlight, the color may fade away. That is why, it is not recommended to wear this jewelry when you will be sunbathing or going out to the beach.
This gemstone has a hardness scale of 6.5 - 7. It has a great cleavage making it very hard to cut. But once it achieve its finishing shape, it becomes easy. But re-cutting is very difficult. It is available in beautiful, different cuts. It is relatively big in sizes but in affordable price. In purchasing one, you must always remember that the first thing to consider to know its value is the color and next the clarity. It becomes more valuable when the color gets stronger.
Lore and Healing
This gem is not only popular for lovers, because of its color, but as a stone for healing. It is believed to improve and increase individual's capability for understanding and devotion and brings inner peace to its wearer. It is used by those having strain and worries for it is believe to free us from worries and anxieties. It can be used as part of a ring, necklace, and as pendant. It is a perfect combination for your pastel dresses and also looks perfect for black.
Special Care
To take care of your gem, avoid exposing it to sunlight and high temperature changes. It changes or even fades color over direct sunlight so keep it away from it. Do not use any steam or ultrasonic cleaner. You can use just a mild solution of warm water and mild dishwashing soap to clean the gem. Use soft brush or soft cloth to get rid of dirt. Rinse and dry thoroughly with clean cloth. Avoid contacts to other hard or sharp objects to avoid scratches. Hitting it hard may break it into two pieces. Do not expose in any harsh chemicals. Make sure to keep it separately in a cool location inside your jewelry box. Handle it with care.
This gemstone is popularly known as the patriotic stone of United States in the month of September.

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