Jasper is a gem that is opaque, usually green, red, brown, or yellow in color and is an impure likeness of silica and blue jasper is considered to be a rare variety and some comes with a colors in bands or stripes that is why it is referred to as a striped or banded jasper. This gem can be nicely polished and is used in beautiful jasper jewelry, seals, vases and snuff boxes.
Jasper Information
Terminology and History
When the banded iron formation frequently has distinguishing bands, it is called Jaspilite. Jasper is usually chert which owes the reddish color to iron inclusions. Jasper's specific gravity is in between 2.5-2.9. The gem's name means speckled or spotted stone and came from a Greek word "iaspis". Bow drills are created out of green jasper way back 4th-5th thousand years BCE. Jasper can be traced back in Latin, Hebrew, Persian and Assyrian and have been known as a favorite gem even in the ancient world.
Where Jasper is Mined
This fine-grained opaque gem comes from silica mineral chert are used in ornamentation and jewelry but needs exceptional polishing. Mostly found in Germany, North Africa, Sicily and Ural Mountains. Black jasper became very important because it can be used to test gold of its properties.
This opaque rock found virtually in any color from the mineral composition of the initial deposits or ash. Patterns take place through the consolidation procedure forming flow and depositional configuration in the original heavy silica volcanic ash or sediment. Hydrothermal circulation is common concept needed in the construction of jasper.
This stone can be classified and named depending on its properties and the location where it is found. It can be a lake, a canyon, a river and mountain, some are whimsical like a "Forest Fire" or "Rainbow", and some can be as descriptive as "Dalmatian", "Porcelain" or "Autumn". Few are named from the country where it was found and other materials.
Care & Storage
Always take care of your precious stones. To take care of your jasper stone, do not let it to be exposed from harsh chemicals and high changing temperatures. Do not let it be scratched by hard and pointed objects for it will reduce the quality and good appearance of the stone. The simple way to clean your stone is to use warm water and soap, a mild one. Use this solution with soft brush to take away the dirt that has been collected. Rinse carefully and dry using a clean and soft cloth. Always store your gemstone covered with its own cloth to avoid scratch from other hard jewelry, or better, keep it in a separate place in your jewelry box. When about to use, wear it after all application has been done like spray, perfume and lotion. Do not forget to take it off first before anything else especially when you are about to do special work or chores.
Jasper Jewelry Ideas
This gemstone can be used as pendant. It is also a perfect ornament to your ring, necklace, and bracelet. Some jasper can be carved to a specific figure and can be used as representation. But nowadays, it is used as added design for key ring, pendants and even earrings. It can also be just a simple collection of beads for bracelets.
Because of its high supply and less value, it is used for less expensive jewelry and other objects like candlesticks and ashtray. It can be found anywhere, particularly in clay substance.

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