Garnet is a mineral used and utilized since the early years of Bronze Age. This mineral was used as precious stone or as a tool in shaping and finishing a product or craft in this period. The word "garnet" has two possible word origins. It maybe from the word "gernet" of the Middle English which means "dark red", another possibility is from the word "granatus" from Latin which means "grain" that may refer to a plant called Punica granatum that has seeds colored red and somehow like the garnet crystals in terms of size and shape.
Garnet Information

Garnet has six ordinary types that are distinguished in reference to their chemical structure. The following are almandine, grossular, pyrope, andradite, spessartine and uvarovite. Garnets comprises of two series of solid composition: the grossular, uvarovite and andradite and almandine, spessarite, pyrope.
This mineral comes in many colors such as orange, red, green, purple, pink, black, brown, blue and even colorless. The least common among these is the one with blue color, discovered in Bekily, Madagascar just this 1990's. It can also be found in Russia, turkey and United States. This type changes its color in daylight to green from its original blue color and into purple when under incandescent lighting, because of its vanadium property that is present in high amount. There are still other types of garnets that changes color aside from the blue one. In daytime, color changes to beige, green, gray, blue and brown. But when under incandescent lighting, they changes to purplish, pink or reddish color.
Garnet is a pretty durable gem, with the hardness rate scale of 7 - 7.5. Its durability was proven when a garnet necklace was found in a grave of a man, dated 3000 BC. The name actually refers to the family of various stones with similar composition and ranges from different colors.
Newest Trends
There is a kind of garnet that is gaining popularity nowadays, Mozambique garnet. It is originated from nation of East Africa and it is where it gets its name. It is known for its beautifully red color and high quality. The Mozambique comprises of almandine and pyrope garnet and has darker red color.
Garnets are formed in igneous rocks and in extremely metamorphic rocks, under high pressure and temperature.
Taking care of your garnets is quite easy. You can use warm water with soap or mild dishwashing soap and brush that is soft for taking away dirt. Just make sure to rinse the gem thoroughly after. Ultrasonic way of cleaning is also effective aside from the demantoid type. Cleaning your gem with steam is not recommended. Protecting it from high temperatures, blows, chemicals and pressure is a must. Always put your garnet jewelry after completing your makeup and other application like lotion, spray, and perfume so the chemical won't accumulate and damage it. And always take it off first before doing anything especially when you will do household chores.

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