The Moonstone is a semi-precious stone known for its pearly white color. The stone is available in many varied colors such as colorless, yellow, brown, green, grey or pink. It is known to be translucent to transparent. The purest and highest quality of moonstones is colorless, perfectly transparent, with a blue sheen. The stone is often used in rings, pendants and bead necklaces. It is often given as a gift to celebrate 13 years of marriage.

Moonstone Information

Why Moonstone Shimmers
Moonstone is made up of two feldspar types: orthoclase and albite. The stone can be mined in many different parts of the world. The stone looks enchanting and beautiful, because of its captivating play of light. It got its name due to the mysterious shimmer of light it produces, known as "adularescence". This is caused due to the lamellar inner construction of the moonstone. Light rays come in, they are refracted and then scattered in the stone. A unique light effect takes place, which makes the stone look so enchantingly beautiful. Obviously, the gemstone got its name for its physical semblance to the moon.
The gemstone has been popular since the Ancient Roman Civilization, where Romans constantly used the stone in jewelry and ornaments. The Ancient Romans in fact believed that the stone formed out of moonlight. Moreover, the people of ancient times actually believed that they could tell the phases of the moon just by looking at the stone!
Nowadays, the stones are found in Brazil, India, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, European Alps, Tanzania, the United States, and many more. The highest quality moonstones are produced in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is actually the place of origin of moonstones. They were very popular during the Art Nouveau period, which was used extensively in jewelry, crafted by master goldsmith Rene Lalique, which is now found in collections and museums worldwide.
Moonstones strengthen its wearers. emotional and unconscious facets. It is believed that it could evoke tender feelings and protect love. It is rightfully called the "lover's stone" because of its enchanting and romantic quality.
The gemstone is believed to help both men and women alike. For men, the stone is believed to help them connect to their emotional side and creative side. The stone is believed to help enhance and improve the wearer.s vision. For women, the stone is believed to help in balancing hormones during the menstrual period. Many women of olden times place the stones inside their skirts to increase their fertility. Moonstones are also beneficial for the women going through menopause.
The Moonstone is believed to have many other metaphysical and medicinal purposes. It is believed to give the person greater flexibility. It aids in soothing stress and anxiety. It is believed to help enhance the individual.s intuitive sensitivity, help the person cope in new changes and enhance perception. The ancient people believed that the stone is a bringer or wealth and good luck. Moonstone is the birthstone of Gemini and it is considered as a holy stone in India.
The gemstone however is relatively soft and sensitive, thus it should be handled with care. Flaws and scratches can occur, and its shimmer may dwindle. They can be remedied by going to a jeweler and have your gemstone re-polished, afterwards it will shimmer like brand new.

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