Citrine, is the most valuable gem of quartz family. It is also commonly dubbed as a gold topaz. Over the years, citrine has taken over topaz in both its name and use. As topaz is a superior gem as to citrine. Topaz is too expense for general purpose. Citrine banks on that difference and had become first preference over topaz. Except a similarity of color, there is no other similarity in the real topaz and citrine.
Citrine Information
Citrine name is derived from its color, it is commonly found in yellow color beads. In an old French word "Citrin" means yellow and the stone is found in lemon yellow color.
Citrine could last forever if proper care is taken in a right way. It should be protected from possible scratch situations. It is very important that the citrine is not left in the sun or any such situations, like sunbathing where it is exposed to prolonged sunlight. As it is a heat sensitive stone, it will change its color or fades into lighter color. The stone can be used in any commercial jewelry and can be cleaned by plain soap and warm water with soft brush. Make sure that it is rinsed properly and dry after through cleaning. The stone can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, but steam cleaning is not recommended for it.
As citrine is replaced by topaz, there are many names given to it like gold topaz, madiera topaz, citrine topaz and Brazilian Topaz. Citrine and topaz share the role of being a birthstone for November month. Of course citrine is secondary to topaz.
Citrine Folklore
Citrine is believed to be a stone for boosting self-esteem, self-confidence, treat anxiety feeling and depression. The powers are connected to the 3rd chakra. The chakra is located below the navel area and is responsible for personal well-being and personality formation.
These stones are believed to help people in handling negative attitude in a better way and also deal with pressure while dealing with finances, anxieties and fear.
The stone improves the functions of circulatory systems, digestive system, urinary problems, resulting in good health and preventing from ailments occurring due to body toxins. It also helps in improving emotional stability and body conditions etc., i.e. routine wear and tear. The stone gives people peace of mind and relaxation and helping then to cure restlessness, insomnia and emotional unrest.

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