What does one get when quantities of silicon dioxide get dried up inside molten lava? The end result would be a black multi banded mineral called chalcedony or onyx, as it is most popularly known. It is uniquely characterized by virtue of its colour which features a wide range of hues which commonly come out in shades of brown, tan and white. Such gemstone is also known and valued highly more particularly for its purplish, whitish, bluish and blackish range.
Onyx Information
In several instances, this gemstone is mistakenly compared with a calcite in Mexico or the banded lapidary found in Pakistan which is softer in terms of hardness value. And while onyx could be found in different mining locations across the globe, its deposits are abundant in Brazil. There are also subsequent mining locations found in Madagascar, Arizona and California for these ornate pieces. One of the ways that miners do in order to enrich its colour and increase its market value is to clean and heat it.
This gemstone also holds a distinct role when it comes to contributing to the development of modern fashion trends. When it comes to clothes, it could be sewn as part of the fashion accessory or it could be made into customized jewellery. This gemstone is most often used to add a hint of dark glamour to the outfit, especially when it comes to attires worn on formal occasions. Combining them with pearls is also a magnificent combination for worn jewellery and is fitting as a gift for every man or woman.
It also takes a great deal of caring for the onyx to retain its lustrous shimmer as this semi precious gemstone tends to scratch easily. As such, an ultrasonic cleaner is not suitable for it to be cleaned. Having it soaked in warm water mixed with gentle soap is much more advised. If there would be intricate details, using a soft brush would be fine. Afterwards, dry it in open air and place in a separate box for storage.
Greek mythology has it that onyx took its name from the time when Cupid cut Venus. fingernails while she was asleep. The term specifically pertains to a finger or claw and in this case, the remains of Venus' nail clippings on the ground. During those times, it is a general thought that no godly body part would decay, so those clippings were transformed into stone.
During the earlier times, this gemstone was used by Romans as part of their engraved talismans during the time of war believing that it would bring a great sense of courage to the wearer. Later, public speakers of the Renaissance era expressed their high regard for this gemstone by donning it while they perform. It was a common thought among people in their profession that this gemstone pushes for the articulateness in speech. There are also beliefs that it helps eliminate body organ diseases and emotional negativities. Some claim it brings about intense sexual passion.
Zodiac rules indicate onyx as very significant to Leos. It is also the official gemstone for those couples who are celebrating their seventh and tenth year of marriage. Some regard this as the birthstone for those who were born in February and is said to be of mystical value for December born people

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